ECM Classika Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

ECM Classika II

ECM Technika V Profi PID

ECM Technika V Profi PID Professional Coffee Brewing Machine

Heat Exchanger System with Rotary Pump

  • Tamper Plastic
  • X2 PROFESSIONAL porta filter (incl. 1 +2 cup sieves)
  • Blind filter
  • Serving spoon
  • Cleaning brush.
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ECM Technika V Profi PID Coffee Brewing Machine

Sophisticated technology in exceptional design

ECM Technika V Profi PID Features

  • PID Display for individual adjustment of the temperature and to indicate the coffee brewing time
  • Professional quick steam- and hot water valve with a new look
  • Larger gauges
  • High-end ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel bell
  • Quiet rotary pump
  • Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection
  • Professional quick steam and hot-water lever valves
  • 2 ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape

ECM Technika V Profi PID More Information

  • Make: ECM Heidelberg
  • Model: Technika MK IV
  • Boiler Type: Heat Exchanger
  • Brew Group: E61
  • Operation: 230v 50-60Hz
  • Indicator Lights: Yes
  • Size and Weight: w x d x h 325mm x 475mm x 390mm, 28kg
  • Internal Water tank Capacity: 3 Litres
  • Tank Access: From the top
  • Water Connection: Reservoir and Plumb in
  • Boiler Volume (Steam,Brew): 2.1l
  • Boiler Construction: stainless steel
  • Insulated Steam/Brew Boiler: Steam, Brew, Both, N/A
  • Pressure Gauges: Pressure Gauges, Steam and Brew
  • Adjustable Brew Pressure: Yes
  • Pump Type: Rotary
  • No Burn Steam Wand: Yes/No or N/A
  • No Burn Water Wand: Yes/No or N/A
  • Steam/Water Valve Type: Professional quick steam- and hot water valve
  • Temperature Control: Yes
  • Drip Tray capacity/Construction: Plastic, Steel/x ml
  • Drip Tray drain kit for plumbed operation: Supplied, available (extra cost), Not available
  • Body Construction: Painted Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Colours Available: No or colours
  • Low Water Cut Off: Yes
  • Low Water Indication: All prosumer machines probably have this, but implementation varies e..g buzzer, flashing light, both, none
  • Number Porta Filter Holders: Two - One Single and One Double
  • Free Tamper: Yes
  • Feet Height Adjustable: Yes/No
  • Time to froth 200ml of milk: Time to froth 200ml of milk
  • Other Features: Steel-plated heating of Incoloy 800
  • Other Feature: Copper tubing with brass fittings and tubes
  • Other Feature: Professional lever valve technology, alternatively rotary valves technology
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