FAEMA E71 GTI A/3 commercial coffee machine


FAEMA E71E  A/2 White & Gold commercial Coffee machine

FAEMA E71E A/2 White & Gold

FAEMA E71 Essence A/2

Faema E71 Essence A/2 Espresso Machine

We know what is brewing in your mind

Imagine a machine that can meet the needs of coffee specialists, while at the same time arousing the interest of every barista. The Faema E71 Essence A/2 is designed for those who do not accept compromises on the coffee that they want to offer their customers and for those who do not renounce manual skills and want to interact simply and immediately with the machine.

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Faema E71 Essence A/2 Coffee Machine with cold touch technology

E71 Essence A/2 by Faema is an Espresso Machine designed for Specialist and Baristas alike, and allows working with larger milk jugs. Faema E71 Essence A/2 can manage different coffee varieties and has a cold touch technology.

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